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Want Smaller Breasts Without Surgery? Meet USculpt!


There are loads of products out there for getting bigger boobs, from bust-boosting serums to padded bras, but what about women that want to minimise their assets? The only options seem to be going under the knife or wear minimiser bras that, along with your boobs, tend to minimise any sense of sexiness or comfort! Luckily, USculpt have come along with a product to change that: meet Boobs Minus!

USculpt Boobs Minus is a cream which blends technology and the finest ingredients to firm, lift, sculpt and minimise the bust. It's the first product of its kind which actually treats the breasts themselves rather than compressing them. USculpt Boobs Minus has a really luxe texture and instantly improves the appearance of skin texture, whilst the minimising effects begin to take place over the course of a few weeks.
Michelle Mone, creator of the Ultimo brand behind the USculpt products says: "I’m really excited by the launch of USculpt and in particular our hero product Boobs Minus. I always listen to then needs of my customers and many women I have spoken to would love to reduce their bust size. A breast reduction is a major operation and I believe this wonder product is a great alternative. When I was developing the product I gave samples to friends to try and the results have been incredible with reports of a dramatic one-cup size decrease after using the wonder product over an 8-week period."

This sold out online within 24 hours of its launch but is now back in stock on for those of you burdened by your boobs! 


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