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Get a glam smile for festival season!

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Our essential festival accessories? Wellies, wet wipes and a head-turning beautiful white smile. Because even when you have tent hair and you haven’t seen a hot shower in days, now your bright smile can shine through, ensuring you look more like Miss Cole than Swampy.

Just ONE week to whiteness

Thankfully there’s a way to a celebrity-white smile without cutting into your festival budget by splashing out on expensive whitening treatments. New Colgate MaxWhite ONE contains white accelerator micro-crystals that dissolve instantly on brushing, releasing whitening silica, an ingredient similar to those used by dentists, which helps to recharge the natural whiteness of your teeth. All this stain-removing scientific stuff means that you can get ONE shade-whiter teeth in just ONE week. And what’s more continued use will keep those pearly whites whiter for longer.

Celeb Smiles

From Simon Cowell to Jessie J, the music industry know about the power and beauty of a healthy-white smile – now you can get the superstar smile in one without the A-list investment, with new Colgate Max White ONE. So go and strut your stuff in style and enjoy a bright, white festival season!

Top Tips for extra-bright whiteness…

• Wash or rinse your teeth after eating staining food like tomato sauce, blueberries or curry
• Use a straw to drink coloured drinks such as coffee, coke, and red wine
• Floss regularly to help prevent the build up of yellowing tartar
• Wear bold lipstick with a gorgeous pink tint to make teeth look whiter (but avoid orange and brown shades)

Grab the perfect accessory to your look this festival season and get One Shade whiter teeth in just ONE week, with New Colgate MaxWhite ONE! Take a look at our TV ad here...

Available now in all major retailers

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