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Company Meets Jessica Ennis!



Tell us a bit about your daily fitness regime?

Obviously I'm on a bit of a down-time at the moment, but generally I train 6 days a week, having one rest day. I train twice a day most days - 3 hours in the morning, 3 in the evening. My training is a mix between covering all of my technical events within the heptathlon, running sessions, weights sessions, circuit sessions and plyometric sessions.

Do you have a special diet?

I don't have a strict diet, I obviously eat healthily and eat the right things when I'm training so I can stay healthy and fit, but then when it's my time off I'm indulging, so I'll eat what I want! I do like chocolate - I've got a real sweet tooth, but when I'm training I'll try and go for a cereal bar rather than chocolate!

What foods should we avoid to help us get Abs like yours? 

Cutting down fat intake is going to be a big help. Just try to eat as healthily as you can and don't eat too many carbs in the evening because you don't burn them off and they turn into fat.

What exercise do you recommend for a flat tummy?

I think running is a great exercise to help keep your stomach toned. I have an Abs routine in my weights session so I do variations of crunches. If you're going to do an ab workout, don't just do the same crunches all the time, you can do twisting ones and use a medicine ball and mix it up a bit. I also find that throwing a medicine ball works all of the the core really well.

What's your advice to people that want to start taking sport seriously?

I think it depends on what sport it is. I think it's important when you're young to try all the sports out there because you might have a real talent for one and not realise. If you were into athletics and you were a good runner, most cities have a local track where you can get involved with a club and start a training programme with one of the coaches. And then if you want to, you can get involved in competitions to test yourself and see how you measure up against everyone else and that's how you get an idea about whether you're good enough to make it.

What's your personal style like when you're not training or competing?

I wear a lot of skinny jeans with little tops and pumps or heels and if I'm going out to a nice event I do like quite structured, elegant looking dresses. I like Victoria Beckham dresses and McQueen dresses.

Do you shop on the high street?

I'm one of those people that just loves Selfridges because you can get everything in one place! I spend hours there! I really love Reiss on the high street too.

Do you wear make up whilst competing?

I don't wear full make up but I always wear a bit. At the Olympics, I wore a bit of foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lip balm but by the time I was having my pictures taken I had probably sweated it all off anyway! But as long as you feel good when you first step out, that's what it's about!

Your skin looks amazing! What is your daily beauty regime? 

I tend to keep it simple because I'm training a lot. I just use the Olay Essentials moisturiser because it's really light, and the cleansing wipes that you can foam up under water. I just like really simple products that won't clog my skin. I also drink loads of water whilst training which really helps to keep my skin clear.

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