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Mineral Foundations

We put ten of the best mineral foundations to the test.

By Evan Katzman
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MAC Mineralize SPF Loose Foundation, £22.50

Mineral foundation,MAC mac mineralize spf loose foundation

They claim they\'re a one-stop wonder for the beauty conscious time poor women, but are they really as good for your skin as people claim? We put ten of the best mineral foundations to the test, starting with...


I love the MAC Mineralize Loose Foundation. It comes in a super-handy pot with an inbuilt applicator so that there\'s no messing around with extra brushes - perfect for girls on the go. My skin was left looking smooth and radiant with just the right amount of medium, but buildable coverage. Not only that, but it\'s enriched with vitamins E and C to sooth, wheat germ, yeast and zinc to soothe and adhere and SPF15 for sun-protection. What more could a girl ask for?




Max Factor Natural Minerals Foundation, £12.99

Mineral foundation,Max Factor max factor natural minerals foundation

I love the packaging, as it\'s see through, and you can see what your putting on your skin and how much is left. I always usually wear liquid foundation, but the powder went on well and gave my skin a noticeable colour, which is what I like about liquid foundation. I felt like I wasn\'t wearing any make-up at all, it really let my skin breathe although I did have to re-apply during the day. 7.5/10


Stockist: Available nationwide

Collection 2000 perfecting minerals £4.99

Mineral foundation,Collection 2000 collection 2000 perfecting minerals

I loved how this gave my skin a beautiful healthy glow! But I found it difficult to work with the loose powder - the sieve is not suited to sitting in make up bags and so there would always be too much powder on the brush. To keep up the glow a top-up is needed at lunch time and even after work if heading to the pub - but it would see you through a good night out.  7.5/10


Stockist: Available from Superdrug

Body Shop Nature\'s Minerals, £11

Mineral foundation,The Body Shop body shop natures minerals

Nature\'s Minerals is one of the best mineral foundations I\'ve tried.  It doesn\'t apply too thickly, and blends into your skin easily- ensuring no tell-tale lines.  The powder is soft and rich, and feels barely-there on your skin, helping create a long-lasting, flawless look.  The only downside is that the pot doesn\'t come with its own brush, like some other mineral foundations 8/10


Stockist: The Body Shop

Loreal True Match Minerals, £13.99

Mineral foundation,L\'Oreal loreal true match minerals

Nice even coverage which lasted well. You have to build up the layers, as it didn\'t give as much coverage as my normal liquid foundation, but is a much more natural look to it. The ease of not having to apply a powder afterwards was good as my face didn\'t feel so caked in make up. I am a definite convert! 9/10



Bare Escentuals Foundation SPF15, £20.49

Mineral foundation,Bare Escentuals bare escentuals foundation spf15

I love love love this foundation! It has changed my life. Seriously, my skin looks brighter and every time I wear it I get comments on how pretty/fresh/healthy I\'m looking. I 100% recommend it to anyone who is even a little bit over the messiness of liquids. And because it\'s a powder, you don\'t get that horrible tide-line if the colour isn\'t perfect for you. I am also using the Bare Essentials brushes  which are PERFECT for the product! 10/10


Stockist: Feel Unique

Rimmel Renew and Lift Brightening Powder with Minerals, £4.99

Mineral foundation,Rimmel rimmel renew and lift brightening powder with minerals

This rich and smooth powder was perfect for evening out my skin tone and providing a lovely matte finish to my usually shiny face. The handy hidden mirror and sponge applicator are great for touch ups on the go. Although the powder felt a little cakey, it didn\'t clog my pores 8/10



Philosophy The Supernatural, £32

Mineral foundation,Philosophy philosophy the supernatural foundation

Wow, wow, wow. This is the best foundation I have used in AGES. Being an acne sufferer I\'m always on the lookout for a miraculous foundation that will hide my blemishes and scars. Most fail terribly but Philpsophy\'s The Supernatural did something amazing to my skin. For the first time in months, my skin looked airbrushed, luminous and did a pretty good job of hiding the worst of the redness that comes hand in hand with evil acne. It was easy to apply, came in a pretty package with handy mirror, and only needed a quick retouch at lunch time. My skin feels silky smooth rather than a bump-ridden oil slick and to top it all off, it comes with SPF 15. Brilliant! 9/10



Maybeline Pure Minerals Foundation, £9.99

Mineral foundation,Maybelline maybelline pure minerals foundation

Excellent coverage and super natural… we are a fan.  Maybelline’s mineral foundation gives your skin a fresh, dewy finish and the colour palette caters for a wide range of skin tones.  The accompanying handy brush allows you to work the powder foundation into your skin, as opposed to a liquid one which can sometimes sit on the skin, leaving you with a smooth, flawless façade. 8.5/10



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