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  • Cut-out couture

    Never has a celebrity applied themselves with such gusto to the art of wearing a doily...

  • The tit tape challenge

    So, in theory, there's a lot to like about Rachel McAdam's choice of frock for the New York premiere of the Time Traveller's Wife (please, please be good!)

  • Because the Lady is a tramp...

    So, no-one told me Lady Victoria Hervey had morphed into Magda from There's Something About Mary?



  • Mischa Barton

    Anyone else put in the mind of the Straw Man in The Wizard Of Oz here?

  • Clink chic

    Who knew there was Formal Wear For Escaped Cons catalogue?

  • Forbidden fruit's fashion bitch does London Fashion Week. First victim: Daisy Lowe at the Charles Anastase Show for London Fashion Week

  • Underwear - why bother?

    Fashion Bitch: Celebrity fashion disasters, this week our fashion bitch targets brit pack fashionista Alice Delall at the Elle Style Awards

  • Hold on to your nautical knickers!'s resident fashion bitch gets her claws into singer Lily Allen's latest celebrity style disaster

  • Katy Perry is a lesson to us all

    Company's resident celebrity fashion bitch gets her claws into Katy Perry this week

  • Frock horror at the People's Choice Awards

    Fashion Bitch: Celebrity style at the Peoples Choice Awards, actress Debra Messing takes a fashion disaster onto the red carpet

  • Cate Blanchett

    Company's fashion bitch is taken aback by Cate Blanchett at The Curious Case of Benjamin Button premiere.

  • Jessica Alba

    The fashion bitch finds a few problems with celebrity Jessica Alba's dress...

  • Kirsten Dunst's resident fashion bitch gets her claws into actress Kirsten Dunst having a bad style day

  • Dannii Minogue

    What do you do when you have nothing to wear to an important red carpet event such as the Nickleodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2008?

  • Hayden Panettiere's resident fashion bitch gets her claws into Heroes star Hayden Panettiere...

  • Paris Hilton

    Company's fashion bitch gets her claws out for another week. This time, the target is none other than celebrity fashion disaster favourite, Paris Hilton

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