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Underwear - why bother?

Celebrity fashion disaster Alice Delall at the Elle Style Awards

I've never really got the whole ‘Alice Delall is a style genius, a fashion pioneer and absolutely the edgiest, coolest member of the Brit Pack' thing. Call me crazy but shaving half your hair off undercut-style smacks more of impending madness than Fashion Supremo.

And now we have this. Jesus wept girl, your bits are barely covered and if your sheer body stocking with spiked collar and shoulder pads moves but an inch, you'll be violating indecency laws. If you were headed to a certain type of party with the dress code: space-age baddie with loose morals, then you'd probably win the prize for best costume. And that knuckle-duster accessorising - very thug-chic.

But at the Elle Style Awards, it's car crash stuff.

And just to hammer home the no knickers point, full marks to Miss Delall for lots of side on posing...


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