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Diary of a Fashion Insider: Fashion vs Coachella

"There was one place on earth that pretty much everyone wished they were last week – Coachella. Like me, those that weren't there wish they had listened to their inner voice this time last year telling them 'I simply MUST go next year'. Coachella is arguably the biggest international festival on the circuit and is generally the first time the A-listers have come out of hiding en-masse since the award season in February.

Fashion and music have become more and more intimate with each other over the years. Fashion seems to wear the trousers now though as it seems to consistently win the limelight race. Could you reel off the Coachella line up? Me neither. Bet you know what celebs were wearing though...

This kind of fashion / music one-upmanship incenses the serious musos and crusty festival goers who have populated these festivals since Woodstock in the late 60s. No longer are festivals in the media for the performances; the dry grass of Indio California acted like a giant red carpet on which the glitterati trod. High end designers dole out countless pieces of their new 'must-have' accessories to the A-lister models and celebs while the paps have a field day shooting the who's who of Hollywood. Music? What music? Isn't this fashion week all over again?

Luckily for the celebs, Coachella is in California; coupled with its visitor's deep pockets and on-staff drivers – there is little chance of seeing said celebs hammering tent pegs into the ground or huddled over some pokey gas fire with a tin of Heinz finest. Na, this is LA. I recall the A-Lister who I spent my flight to NY with – he wanted to meet me after his photo was taken on his movie premiere’s red carpet because...'no one watches the movie'. This begs the question; do any of these Coachella staple celebs even watch the acts or is this yet another excuse to shamelessly promote themselves?

Still, where there's a celeb drowning there's a fashion party and this year was no exception...

Serial festival lovers Mulberry and Lacoste laid on the most high profile parties. Queen of dress-down chic and face of Burberry - Cara Delevigne – nailed her typical relaxed look of jeans and a leather biker and Kate Bosworth wore her staple denim cut offs and chic understated accessories (see this month's issue for full feature on the lovely Kate). Frankly it was a welcome change from the try-hard hippy impressions rolled out by many celebs that unsuccessfully felt they should pay some badly executed homage to the festivalgoers of yore.

Emma Watson was present on every guestlist and was soaked in Mulberry. Tali Lennox (daughter of Annie) looked like she was bucked off a horse and dragged for a few acres through the Little House on the Prairie fields. Everyone's favourite car crash Lindsey Lohan didn't disappoint in an unflattering and draining beige dress while Paris Hilton looked like she was wearing a circus tent.

While fashion won the music battle, overall it didn't top the style charts for me. The brands were predictable and the celebs were so keen to look like they belonged it mostly looked like they’d raided a dressing up box labelled 'must look cool at a festival'. How very dreary, I simply MUST go next year..."

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