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alex karpovsky girls

You play coffee shop owner Ray Ploshanky. In season one he wasn’t the most likeable character but then he was sympathetic to Shoshanna and they hooked up. Will we see a different side to him now?

Oh yeah. A lot of the underpinnings regarding his anger, his unresolved tensions and his interest in Shoshanna are explored in season two. We flesh out the foundations for a lot of his feelings and motivations and anger that we saw in season one. If you’re a character who’s just a dick with no dimensions it can get pretty stale pretty quickly.

What do you like about the show as a viewer?

These girls have problems; there’s a lot of ignorance on their part. But, there’s also a lot of drive, a lot of ambition, and a lot of sincerity. And a lot of them are pretty open about what they don’t know. That provides a great forum for not only a lot of the comedic moments, but also the really dramatic moments, which are dotted throughout the first season. It gives the series a real depth.

What’s it like being a guy on Girls? Are you just a foil?

A lot of the show does revolve around these four girls but a lot of the motivations, resentment and jealousies between the girls are fuelled by the men. So I feel like we poke the fire in many ways. In season one, yeah, the guys have been largely foils. But in season two they become their own separate, semi-autonomous people. In season one I had very few scenes where it was just the dudes talking to each other. In season two we begin to play with that a bit and the guys get to become a bit more of their own thing.

We know Lena Dunham can write for girls. How does she write for men?

One of her many talents is that she is incredibly perceptive and that she has a good memory. I feel like she draws very accurately on what I suspect are previous relationships and friendships that she has had. It’s really raw and naturalistic but tinged with enough humour to keep it engaging.

You’re also a filmmaker in your own right?

I make my own movies on the side and they require all the free time that I have. That keeps me sane. A girlfriend? I’m too busy! It wouldn’t be fair. My fantasy has always been to go and act in stuff, make some money and then make movies, which will probably not make any money! It’s pretty difficult but it’s a great model if you can make it work.


- Benji Wilson

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