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Our New Fave Show 'Girls': Episode Five Guide

Warning Ep 5 is def the sad one. We kick off where we ended ep 4; Remember last week Charlie had found Hannah’s diary? And had read that Hannah thought Marni was ‘Stuck in prison of his kindness’, and she should ‘cut of the stump (Charlie) and end it now’?

Well this week Marnie wants Charlie back. She’s going to try the age old win your boyfriend back routine of ‘putting on her party dress and happy face’. Ray (Charlie’s best mate) thinks Marnie is arse fucking his best mate and she should stay clear. Still, Marnie heads round to Charlie’s, and offers him a blow job – the other age old win your boyfriend back trick.  It works, well that’s until they’re mid sex and then she realizes actually she doesn’t love him after all. Ray was right all along. Poor Charlie.

At Hannah’s work, she is STILL being groped by her boss. Only now she’s only gone and taken Jessa’s advice and straddles him while she takes his sandwich order. Typically he’s married and while likes touching her booty, doesn’t want her over his desk. Hannah, offended and appauled by his rejection, quits and heads to see her on/off boyf Adam. Who then tells her it’s off, for good. Poor Hannah. Well that’s until they get in to a fight and it turns him on.

Jessa – who is sporting an AWESOME kimono this whole ep - meets up with an ex who dumped her. Needless to say he doesn’t stay an ex for long as Jessa has the whole ‘sexy geisha thing’ going on and he can’t resist. Poor Shoshanna… has to watch it all, all over her appartment.

Still Jessa is chuffed that she’s proving she was unsmoatable (our word of the week –defined as unburnable/undissable/undumpable). Until next week…

Watch the trailer for tonight's show here...

Girls is on Sky Atlantic on Monday at 10pm

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