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Our New Fave Show 'Girls': Episode Four Guide


Have you ever been text a pic your boyfriends nether’s with a squirrel skin around it? Hannah has. Naturally, Adam says the text isn’t meant for her. She still likes it. Plus at least she can have comfort from having a new job. Though that’s not going perfectly either - her boss is a big sleaze. He touches her, and everyone else in the office's, bum. In his defence he is nice; he even got her colleague’s iphones for their birthdays. Plus Hannah likes her job, and her work mates are teaching hr all types of new beauty tricks - her penciled scouse brows are a highlight of the episode. 

Jessa, ever filled with great friendship advice, thinks Hannah should just have sex with her boss and be done with it. But then Jessa's job isn't gping much better; she’s late to pick the kids, then looses them while trying to unionise the other nannies at the playground. Lucky for Jessa her boss doesn’t care; or maybe he does but as his mate tells him ‘she has the face of Bardot and arse of Rihanna’ so he should forgive her.


In other Girl’s ep 4 news, Shoshanna very nearly gets laid. Wooohooo... The end of her virginity years. Sadly he pulls out (literally) as he’s worried she’ll get attached... Or bleed.

Back at Hannah and Marni’s appartment Charlie (Marni’s boyf) and Ray find Hannah’s diary. And read it. Of course, she’s written all about Charlie 'being a vagina' and a 'dead stump that Marni needs to cut off'. Charlie’s heart broken and him and Ray take to a stage at a gig in Bushwick to sing  Hannah's diary as lyrics. As the episode comes to a close; Marni storms out of the gig throwing her drink on Hannah in fury...

Watch the trailer for tonight's show here...

Girls is on Sky Atlantic on Monday at 10pm

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