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Our New Fave Show 'Girls': Episode Seven Guide


Phew. Hannah is back in Brooklyn for one of the best episodes in the series and more importantly ‘the party of the year’ in Bushwick. "All of Brooklyn and 2/3 of Manhattan will be here," Jessa - in the most awesome full-feathered coat - tells Hannah.

Worrier Marnie – in her very out of place, def not hipster, body-con dress - is concerned about running into Charlie (whose band is playing). She doesn't think he’ll be over her. Obviously she’s wrong and is devastated when she sees he’s found a ‘Navaho’ girl to smother with his love.

It doesn’t take long at the party before Shoshanna has smoked something. She thinks she's high but Jessa and Ray think she’s smoked crack. Uh oh - don't tell her mum. Jessa – who has spotted her babysitter boss – has to leave Shoshanna in Ray’s capable hands. But Shoshanna runs off, dropkicks him, before then massaging his injured groin better "in a nonsexual way", is that even possible? We spy a love story on the horizon!

Also taking a beating is Jessa's babysitter boss. He gets hit after Jessa yells at some tough guys. What a liability. She goes with him to the hospital and is quite supporting, until he starts cry wondering how to explain this to his wife, and Jessa has little sympathy and decides the affair is over - before it even began.

Back at the party Hannah runs in to Adam – everyone really is at this warehouse! She’s shocked to see him: "I've never seen him outside of his apartment. I've never seen him with his shirt on." But meeting his friends she realizes she actually knows very little about him. They get in to a fight (another theme of the night!) and he ends up yelling "Do you want me to be your f*&king boyfriend?" Er, YES ADAM! Yes, she does. The final shot is Adam, Marnie and a smiling Hannah in the cab on the way home from ‘the party of the year’!

Watch a preview of this ace episode here... 


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