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Our New Fave Show 'Girls': Episode Six Guide


This week Hannah leaves NYC and heads home to her folks in Michigan to celebrate her parents' anniversary. She’s excited, her 'rents are excited, we're excited we get to see Hannah's hometown. That is until she gets there and then they start the ‘when you going to get a proper job’ chat (that old story!) and Hannah gets "a mood on" as her dad calls it. Where are the 'girls' when you need them. 

The next day Hannah runs into an old school mate working in the local chemist. He asks her to be his date for a party that night. She agrees - I mean it's not like Adam is her boyf, really. Her pre date talk to herself in the mirror is one to take notes from "You are from New York, therefore you are just naturally interesting." How could he not love her right?

The date goes well, afterall she's from NY. And the pair end up back at his. But Hannah's new guy not used to her BIG city sexual ways she’s learnt from Adam and he just wants some good-old-fashioned lovin' with none of that weird stuff. 

But before all is lost Adam calls Hannah and he awkwardly tells her he misses her. And she's on the first flight back to NY... Phew we missed The Girls. 

Watch a preview to the show here...

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