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Our New Fave Show 'Girls': Episode Three Guide

Charlie has shaved his head. Marnie think he looks like Mickey Mouse without the ears and it’s freaking her out. Hannah’s scaring Marnie too. She’s looking vampy – how A/W12 – as she’s heading to Adam’s to impress him. Of course it all goes wrong when her Doc calls to say that shizzle did get through the sides of the condoms and she has HPV – it’s minor – Jessa has several strains of it. But still, who gave it to her? Adam says he’s been tested. So it must be Hannah’s ex Elijah, she’s going to meet him and ask.  

Jessa is preparing for babysitting – in a see-through dress, no less. The kids are cute, and the kids dad is even cuter and the pair end up getting high together and eating the kids snacks. Sooooo Jessa.

Hannah meets Elijah in a bar to confront him on her HPV. She’s worried he’ll try to sex her but before she can say a word he tells her he’s gay (always has been) despite their 2 year relationship. Hannah is mortified - has her life been a lie?? She thinks so. She’s not down for long though as the show ends with Marnie and Hannah having a dance off in her bedroom. Nothing like a dance with your bessie to make the world seem ok again.


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