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Cheryl Cole admits Cher likeness

Cheryl Cole has finally admitted that she can see the likeness between herself and 'X Factor' contestant Cher Lloyd, who she mentors on the ITV1 show.
Comparisons between the two have been drawn, with some even suggesting that the 27-year-old singer favours the 17-year-old student over the other two girls in her group.
The former Girls Aloud singer and 'X factor' judge didn't comment on that criticism but did admit she sees herself in Cher during an interview today on Radio 1 with DJ Sara Cox [pictured arriving at the studios], while also speaking about her other contestants, Katie Waissel and Rebecca Ferguson
She said: "[Cher] She reminds me of a young me completely. Even the type of music she listens to, how she performs. Even the way she performs - you know, when you forget the camera is there and pull faces, she's doing that at the moment.
"People just need to get used to the performance."
Cheryl, who unveiled her waxwork yesterday at London's Madame Tussauds, also defended Cher following claims she's been causing tension in the 'X Factor' house with her attitude, explaining: "I think she is 17, she's got that teenage edge going on. She is different. And I get her completely.
"All the girls are great girls, honestly. I have to work with them as well - I wouldn't put them through if I didn't think I could."
And on other claims that the tiny star, who recently admitted her diva moniker had some truth after she refused to be styled for her performances on the show, was suffering from an eating disorder, she added: "Whenever I see Cher she has a chocolate bar in her mouth - I actually don't know where it goes. She is very very petite naturally, she's a tiny little thing. She hasn't grown into a woman yet."
She also admitted that 24-year-old Katie isn't coming across too likeable to viewers, saying: "You know what it is for me with Katie, she comes into my room and we'll just be chatting and she's like relaxed and she's comfortable. And then you put it in a front of a camera and she's a bit more mechanical and that's something I need to work on her with - being at ease in front of the cameras, saying what she thinks she should instead of what she wants to say. don't think I could have got on the stage with the scrutiny and whatever. And she can really sing."
Lastly but by no means least, on 23-year-old mother-of-two Rebecca she gushed: "She is somebody everybody can see she is growing every week - she is blossoming."
Can't wait till Saturday!
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