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Kylie unsure about baby plans

Kylie unsure about baby plans

Kylie unsure about baby plans

We think this is something that Jennifer Aniston can relate to... Why is it that if a woman over 40 is childless, the press can only centre on their 'baby sadness'...?

The pop princess has been having a great old time in Melbourne - performing on stage with the Scissor Sisters (pictured) and playing aunt to Dannii's new son Ethan, but during an appearance on Aussie TV show A Current Affair, she was quizzed about her family plans, to which she replied:
"I don't really know if it's going to happen for me.
"All I can say is, we'll see."
Obviously this was construed as her tragic battle... Pah.

Meanwhile, in further Kylie news, the Aussie's head of security confronted a potential stalker, warning him to steer clear of the star's family home in Melbourne. Apparently the middle-aged man was caught outside her gates carrying a bunch of flowers and had told reporters he wanted to marry the pop beauty. Luckily Kylie's got her model man Andre Velencoso to protect her.
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