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Lady GaGa's entourage

Lady GaGa's entourage
Lady GaGa has the largest entourage at the Brits (and admits to not knowing who Girls Aloud are!)
Lady GaGa arrived at last night's Brit Awards in London's Earls Court with such a large entourage, it would even make Mariah Carey blush.
The Just Dance Star singer, who took to the stage with The Petshop Boys and Brandon Flowers from The Killers, also admitted that she had no idea who Girls Aloud were.
As the ladies walked past Lady GaGa was overheard asking one of her many assistants:
“Who are these people?”
And if that wasn't bad enough, the star apparently turned up with a total of 16 minders in tow, along with assistants and managers who all attempted to fit into her dressing room. And as there were so many of them, they reportedly had to use a rota to take it turns to spend time with her.
Which is the kind of diva behaviour Girls Aloud would never be accused of.
A source backstage revealed:
“People had to go in four at a time so as not to cramp her style.
“Then she’d swap them over with others who were hanging outside. It was hilarious.”
We're not so amused...
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