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Magic Mike star to be award-nominated?

The cast of Magic Mike were out this week for the LA premiere of Magic Mike... swoon!

Now, cast member Joe Manganiello has said that Matthew McConaughey should get his hands on some awards for his performance.

He told Vulture:

"Well, first of all, he needs to be nominated for everything this year. I mean, I'm serious. That guy, it's amazing.

"To have one of the biggest stars of all time show up with that level of commitment, it sets the tone, it validated everything that I thought about the script.

"You show up on set and the biggest star in the movie is in a yellow, midriff-revealing halter top, bike shorts, ballet slippers… you look at him and go, 'Okay, this s**t? We're playing for real here'. Any time I spent with McConaughey, I treasure. Just hearing him talk about the world is amazing."

Will you go see it on July 11th?
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