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Robert Pattinson Speaks for First Time Since Kirsten Split!


It's the first time Robert Pattinson has been in public and giving an official interview post the Kirsten Stewart affair allegations - and he joined Jon Stewart last night on The Daily Show for what was his first TV interview since his relationship hit problems.

Jon Stewart tried to comfort him with the one thing everybody needs when they need to talk – ice cream. Whilst actually there to talk about his new movie Cosmopolis, Rob dodged questions from Jon about 'how he was doing' and 'if he wanted to talk about anything' but the Twilight star kept his lips sealed on the K-Stew/Rupert Sanders front - when Jon launched his opening salvo with "So, what have you been up to?", RPattz was thrown by the direct reference to his romantic troubles and replied: "I thought we’d already prepared this. I had a joke prepared. I was all set up and ready to go. Now it’s meaningless."

He also giggled nervously when the host told him to "kick her to the curb." Awkward!

Watch the interview on Comedy Central tonight at 10.30pm

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