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Jessie Cave's PinDippy Exclusive!

pindippy is the creation of Jessie Cave, an actress and illustrator who’s best known for playing Lavender Brown in Harry Potter. She makes funny videos, including the Flat Whites series and Ikea Girl, and posts them regularly on Pindippy, but her latest pursuit is Project Amstell, a series of shorts in which she tries to get Simon Amstell enthused about social networking, with varying degrees of success.

She is next to be seen in series two of BBC’s Grandma's House and as Biddy in Mike Newell's adaptation of Great Expectations, and is taking her one-woman show 'Bookworm' to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer. Meet Jessie:

"I am taking my comedy show, Bookworm, to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer. Just typing that gives me a little hit of terror but I am very excited and strangely, looking forward to being on my own on a stage. I have almost written the entire show, but am slightly sidetracked at the moment because I am in a J.M Barrie play at the Riverside Studios called Mary Rose, playing Mary Rose. The Riverside Studios is amazing: they film Celebrity Juice there, which is absolutely thrilling but a little distracting backstage between scenes as the play is set in the Victorian Era and Olly Murs is clearly, well, not.  

My show is about my characters’ night to host Book Club. I am doing a series of videos in the run-up to the show which explain a little back-story into the fictional 'Book Club' that my character has come to be leader of. The character was first created in a video  I did for my site Pindippy, over a year ago, which is about a girls obsession and fascination with all things Harry Potter and Twilight.

My aim is to document every step of taking the show up to Edinburgh, and make the experience almost a shared one, which is now possible via the internet and social networking, of which I am a fan. I am midway through my Project Amstell, which is an online series I have made about me trying to get Simon Amstell enthused with Twitter. So I am pretty keen on all things @.

We have filmed everything for Bookworm, from the first rehearsals, to getting the call from the Edinburgh bookers, to buying my giant Beaver and Sookie Stackhouse card-board cut outs in Soho, to doing a coffee-shop location scout in Edinburgh in anticipation of our summer trip. All of the evidence and show information will be up on Pindippy here."

Take a look at the new video, 'The Beginning' here


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