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Celebrity Hunks in Trunks

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Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo,football,celebrity,manwatch,pool,beach,trunks,swimwear,tropical,holiday,sand,sun,sea,hunks,film, tv,sexy,sexiest,hot,beautiful,ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo

The sunny season is finally here providing us with the perfect excuse to bring you lots of lovely pics of the hottest bods in showbiz. So sit back, relax and enjoy our super-sexy selection of celebrity hunks in trunks...
Kick-starting our totally gratuitous but undeniably gorgeous gallery is football\'s golden boy Cristiano Ronaldo, showing off a serious tan with some smoking hot orange shorts

Hugh Jackman

hugh jackman,hollywood,parents,celebrity,manwatch,pool,beach,trunks,swimwear,tropical,holiday,sand,sun,sea,hunks,film, tv,sexy,sexiest,hot,beautiful, Hugh Jackman Ever had one of those Athena posters with the gorgeous, honed and toned man holding a baby? It\'s a classic formula and it works like a charm everytime, so much so that we can even forgive a particularly buff-looking Hugh Jackman his dodgy facial hair as he takes a stroll along the beach holding his little girl\'s hand. Too cute.

Orlando Bloom

orlando bloom,actor,surfing,celebrity,manwatch,pool,beach,trunks,swimwear,tropical,holiday,sand,sun,sea,hunks,film,sexy,sexiest,hot,beautiful, Orlandon Bloom Happily, Orlando\'s another one of the many famous faces who have been bitten by the surfing bug...

Matthew McConaughey

matthew mcconaughey,celebrity,manwatch,pool,beach,trunks,swimwear,tropical,holiday,sand,sun,sea,hunks,film,sexy,sexiest,hot,beautiful,muscles,toned,actor Matthew McConaughey A study of beach dwellers wouldnt be complete without the six-pack king of Tinseltown, Mr Matthew \'Muscles\' McConaughey. Amen for press-ups and protein shakes.

Eric Dane

eric dane,grey\'s anatomy,mark sloane,dr mcsteamy,celebrity,manwatch,pool,beach,trunks,swimwear,tropical,holiday,sand,sun,sea,hunks,film, tv,sexy,sexiest,hot,beautiful, Eric Dane As he works on his tan it\'s easy to see how sexy star Eric Dane well and truly lives up to his Greys Anatomy nickname, Dr McSteamy. This fine specimen of a man is one very hot doc indeed!

Brad Pitt

brad pitt,celebrity,manwatch,pool,beach,trunks,swimwear,tropical,holiday,sand,sun,sea,hunks,film, tv,sexy,sexiest,hot,beautiful, Brad Pitt He may be 45 but the man who most of us had a crush on in out teenage years has still got it...

Jesse Metcalfe

jesse metcalfe,desperate housewives,celebrity,manwatch,pool,beach,trunks,swimwear,tropical,holiday,sand,sun,sea,hunks,film, tv,sexy,sexiest,hot,beautiful, Jesse Metcalfe When we first saw Jesse Metcalfe tending to the well-manicured lawns of Wisteria Lane - or Mrs Solis - we knew this was definitely a man to watch, especially with his top off!

Ben Affleck

ben affleck,surfing,celebrity,manwatch,pool,beach,trunks,swimwear,tropical,holiday,sand,sun,sea,hunks,film,sexy,sexiest,hot,beautiful, Ben Affleck Surf\'s up for Ben Affleck as he swoops into the shallows. Point Break it ain\'t but he still cuts quite a pretty picture.

Ricky Whittle

calvin,soap,ricky whittle,hollyoaks,celebrity,manwatch,pool,beach,trunks,swimwear,tropical,holiday,sand,sun,sea,hunks,film, tv,sexy,sexiest,hot,beautiful, Ricky Whittle in trunks And finally an entry all the way from soapland. The Hollyoaks lads have to keep buff all year round for their annual calendar shoot, making Ricky aka Calvin the perfect beach eyecandy!

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