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T4's Will Best Gives Us The Goss From Backstage At The iTunes Festival

How did you find hosting the iTunes Festival?

Oh it was amazing, I think it was the best TV job I've ever done. Every day there was a different headliner and a different vibe, like the day Jack White was there everybody was wearing slightly skinnier jeans than they perhaps normally would.

Did you have any favourite performers?

It's a tough call, I took my mum to see Muse, she's 60 this month and she kept shouting "I’m 60!" whilst she was moshing. So I think for that reason, probably Muse were the best. She actually hit someone in the face next to her, but she didn't notice because she was so caught up in it.

Also Plan B was amazing, he did a sort of grimey cover of Seal's Kiss from a Rose and he had all these hooded youths down the front kind of waving one arm, singing along, so that was pretty cool.

So it was all at the Roundhouse, what's happening Camden these days?

There are loads of cool bars in Camden such as Cotton and CocoBamboo that play exclusively 90s RnB which I am loving at the moment. I'd always feel like that geeky teenager in the films who's by themselves at a party in the Valleys in LA, but they feel really cool.  

Were there any awkward moments, forgotten lines things like that?

There was an awkward moment with Labrinth, who mistook me for MTV's Joel Dommett, and Alicia Keys cried in my interview with her, we were having some banter and she was crying with laughter, she wiped her eye and kind of flicked her hand and two of her tears landed in my mouth. So I said, "Alicia two of your tears have landed in my mouth and they taste amazing."

So who had the biggest dressing room?

Well the dressing rooms are all the same, with different levels of security. The Killers had a special system of lightning bolts. If you had three lightning bolts you could get within ten yards of the band, two lightning bolts it was 20 yards and so on. I got a wave from the drummer, I thought it was the guy from My Name is Earl but it was actually the drummer.

Who had the best rider list? Did The Killers have lightning bolt-shaped cupcakes?

Everything was lightning bolts. For Pink everything had to be pink. We had a runner painting all the bananas with pink food-dye....That's actually not true. I don't actually know what any of the riders were. I think the most booze was requested by Jack White's band though, he has two- one all female and one all male and switches between them during the performance.

Did you get any cool Apple goodies, it being the iTunes Festival?

Yeah I got an iPad. We sometimes used them during interviews so I got to keep one, but I gave it to my sister.

So sweet...

Well it’s because I haven't got her a wedding present yet, so not so sweet.

Catch Will on T4 Saturdays on Channel 4 and Sundays on E4. 

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