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We chat to Britain’s Next Top Model WINNER Tiffany!

BNTM winner Tiffany
We caught up with Britain’s Next Top Model WINNER Tiffany... Massive congratulations Tiff – how did it feel to win?
Ah it was such a shock. I was really sure I was coming third – me and Alisha even bet £100 on it and then neither of us came third.

So did you have to get to the studio really early?
Sooo early. We had to be there at 9 o’clock in the morning and the day before it was 9 till 9 too.

OMG so two days 9 till late that’s hardcore… What did they have you doing?
We kept on rehearsing and making sure the sounds right and we had to do a run through with each of us three times because no one knew I was going to win and rehearsing on the star in the air. It was quite scary! At one point we were doing a rehearsal and me and joy had to wait on the top for 10 minutes.

Was it nice to see everyone again?
So nice we’ve all been with each other for so long it’s like we’ve become really close so being in the opening ceremony together was really special.

And did you have a favourite outfit of the night?
I think I really liked the last dress, the finale dress because I just thought it wasn’t too much.

Did you chat to any of the Saturdays or Tinchy?
Tinchy came up to us and introduced himself to us which was really nice and The Saturdays did that as well so that was really sweet.

So once you’d won and they’d turned off cameras did Elle come over to congratulate you?
Elle came straight up to me and so did the other judges and they all said how happy they were and how far I’ve come and that they’re so proud of me and she was telling me ‘You see you trusted me’ because it was always about my hair. They were just being really supportive, all of them.

And then did you go and celebrate
Yes, after I did some interviews and then I went to the after party which was really good there was loads of people and lots of support from everyone, all the contestants, friends and family.
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It must have been weird getting into bed last night and thinking ‘I’m Britain’s Next Top Model’?
It was. I couldn’t sleep. I was just buzzing! I was sat in bed thinking ‘Did I really win it?’ I kept on thinking it was a dream or something.

Well it is a dream but I guess it’s come true! So what’s the plan now? Are you going to be in London now?
Yes I’m going to go home to Malta for a week and then I’m moving straight up here – me and Joy are getting a place together. It’s really exciting, a whole new adventure for me.

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