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T4's Stars of 2011

T4's Stars of 2011
So T4’s Stars of 2011, who are you looking forward to seeing?

Nick: I’m looking forward to Prof Green and Cher Lloyd –love her new song.

Matt: We’re actually all going on a first aid course because we’re expecting at least one pop star to fall after what happened to Jedward and Peter Andre at T4 On The Beach.

Do you have your outfits planned?

Will: Rick Edwards’ departing words were don’t dress like Lady Gaga so I probably won’t, but they might make me dress as someone else – who knows?

N: I’ve seen Versace are doing H&M so I want a bright pink Versace for H&M suit.

We hear the casts of TOWIE and Chelsea are attending – So come on guys – who’s your fave?

N: I’m obsessed with TOWIE – I literally want fan photos with them. I love all the guys, especially Joey and Arg

Jameela: Def team TOWIE and I love Educating Essex

Georgie: I religiously watch Made in Chelsea every week.

W: I actually went out with a girl called Binky for five years...

Surely not the same one Will?

W: No, different one – but we recently broke up – I find it quite painful to watch so I’m not really a big fan of the show.

M: Imagine if you fell for the real Binky from Made in Chelsea at T4 Stars as a result.

W: I don’t know what I’ll do – I’ll prob just follow her round weeping.

Which acts have you loved in 2011?

J: Ed Sheeran’s a bit of a hero for me – he’s so humble and he just came out of nowhere at the beginning of the year and now everybody loves him – he’s a people’s person.

W: For me it’s probably Wretch 32 – I was a fan of his when he was just making freestyle grime videos on Youtube because I’m from the ‘ghetto’.

Georgie: From the ghetto with his girlfriend called Binky....

W: She was Northern Irish I’ll have you know – she’d have had your kneecaps if you looked at her funny.

Are you excited about Christmas?

J: YES!! I just love that you’re allowed to get fat and if you don’t it’s considered weird and rude. I won’t be friends with people who aren’t fat in January. There is comfort in an extra roll – I like that I have to lie down to zip up my jeans.

N: I’m into Mince pies in a big way and I love it when Starbucks start to do those Christmas-flavoured drinks.

Do you have any favourite New Years memories?

N: I had a fun New Years in Egypt two or three years ago – we went to this really weird party and we left because it was too weird and then we went to some mad Egyptian wedding which was SO weird.

J: My favourite was two years ago – there was a huge pyjama party in a pub and we had a pillow fight at midnight.

Do you make resolutions?

J: I make them and break them all the time. My latest was to start going to the gym – I lasted 10 days straight... but I’ve not been back for three weeks. I’ve just started Zumba but the old ladies were dancing rings around me, it was the most mortifying experience of my life.

T4’s Stars of 2011 takes place on Sunday 11th December at Earls Court, London. The event will be broadcast across Channel 4 and 4Music. For tickets and more info, go to

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