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Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger

Why is it hot?

In the comfort and privacy of your own booth you can sing like no-one's watching - well, you'll be sharing with up to 14 friends, but you're sure to have the best night out this year.  You choose your songs using a touch-screen, giving you access to 6,000 songs that are updated regularly to include the latest chart-toppers, alongside showtunes, crooner classics, and diva hits.  A book gives you some guidance, listing songs by category - I was pleased to see the attention to location in the "From the Valleys" section, and one of our party was inspired to do a particularly camp Cerys Matthews impression.  You're also given 2 microphones, which can make for some interesting duets and backing vocals.

Drinks are waiter service - no need to leave the booth, just press the "thirsty" button and someone will swiftly arrive to take your order, though they can't be guaranteed to keep a straight face at your friend's Meat Loaf rendition.  As you'd expect from Tiger Tiger, there's a fantastic selection of quality drinks that lean towards pricey, but they seem to have offers regularly so it's always worth asking what's available.

With no strangers to heckle and your friends cheering you on, the secret performer in you can have their moment in the limelight.  You can put in some preparation too - visit the Lucky Voice website in advance of your visit to trawl through their song database online and print out your ideal playlist.  Time seems to go very fast in the booths, so this is a great idea to get more singing time on the day.

Prices start at £40 for a 2 hour session in a booth holding up to 8 people, but beware, as this price trebles at weekends.

What to wear?

Dress like you're auditioning for X-Factor.

Best part?

It's not just the drinks that are intoxicating - singing just in front of friends allows your inhibitions to fade away and for you to really let loose with the vocals and air-guitar.

Address: The Friary, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff CF10 3QB


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