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first date and quite unusual

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Subject: first date and quite unusual
my first date with my partner was believe it not at a little club called Club Whiplash, i first met marilyn some 3 months before where a friend wanted to talkk to her and didnt have the courage to approach this 6ft tall goddess,so after telling them it wasnt the school playground i went over and spoke to her , we then ended up chatting all night and agreed to meet up again , well my job then would take me away working at shows all over the country and on returning and making contact we had our first date back at Club Whiplash a fetish club held in one of the out buildings of the then derelict battersea power station ,
we are still together today, but life is a bit more subdued compared to those early days ,
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Subject: Re: first date and quite unusual
I think that this one is going to be hard to beat in terms of setting etc but love that its a good old fashioned happy ending.
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Subject: Re: first date and quite unusual
Well, my very first, proper date with a boy would definitely count as 'unusual,' I think...

We both worked behind a bar in a local nightclub, and he asked me if I wanted go go out with him to the cinema. I said yes, so we arranged to meet at 7pm on our next night off outside the Odeon. I arrived at 7pm and he showed up fifteen minutes later... with five of his mates. What film did we go and see? Die Hard. Where he and his mates spent the entire time farting and throwing popcorn onto the rows in front until we all got thrown out.

In case you're wondering... no, I didn't see him again after that.
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Subject: Re: first date and quite unusual
I think the worse date I had, or one of them at least, was when I arranged to go out with a guy and when he picked me up, he started driving me to his house!

I said "I thought we were going for some drinks" and he replied with "we was, bit I am skint, so going back to mine". I was of course P'ed off as he didn't even inform me on this BIG change of plan but thought I would go with it as he might have something romantic up his sleeve!

When we got there he had nothing up his sleeve except a very lazy arm operating a remote control! He sat on the sofa, watched TV and played with his phone the whole time...when I say 'played' I mean he was texting another girl! I didn't even get offered a drink!

I was stuck there and couldn't ring a cab as I didn't have a clue where I was! So I sneaked about his kitchen, getting my own drink (!) and found a letter with the address on. I then went to the loo and called a cab, sadly to say he couldn't work out why I was leaving!

What a catch!
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Subject: Re: first date and quite unusual
You can find a whole collection of my dating stories here:

Its a very frank and honest portrayl of my current single life.

Please check out and let me know what you think!
[url][/url] - A honest, candid and frank dating blog containing stories of a single 20-something woman in London.
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Subject: Re: first date and quite unusual
On our first date, we went for a walk along the river Thames. We found a nice little cafe and got a coffee, sitting at a nice table outdoors. Nothing wrong with that, except that it was MARCH and FREEZING!! We just sat there laughing at how crazy we were.... 5 years later still crazy
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