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Office wear for shorter people

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Subject: Office wear for shorter people
I have always had trouble finding office wear to suit me-I'm 5ft 1 and a curvy size 12, and I find that smart trousers always tend to be wide legged, whereas pencil skirts and smart skirts/dresses tend to be too long, so I end up looking frumpy rather than smart. I've tried petite ranges in shops such as Dorothy Perkins, and still had the same problem.

I've managed to get a couple of work experience placements at magazines this year, and would like to look smart and stylish for them.

Does anyone have any suggestions, either of shops I could try, or different trends/outfit styles that may suit my frame better?

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Subject: Re: Office wear for shorter people
I've always had this problem too and don't really have much advice for you. :/ The DP stuff really does only seem to come in wide-leg which just makes us look shorter and dumpier, really unflattering...

Have you tried Primark? I know it's not usually the best quality on the high street, but they do a lot of good narrow-leg trousers for short people in their regular lines, so it might be their workwear has a good selection too?

Or you could try a tailors and get them modified? I don't know how affordable or feasible that would be for you though.
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Subject: Re: Office wear for shorter people
I think you may be thinking a little too "inside the box" for workwear. What sort of magazines will you be working at? Most creative industries are a little more lax on the dress code and don't require everyone to wear suits.

Have you tried places like Whistles? High-waisted, tapered trousers in cool colours tend to be staples there, and the shape of those will elongate your body. If you make sure everything finishes at your narrowest point (ie, your waist) you shouldn't look frumpy. Same for a blazer - a cropped one that finishes at the waist will make you look taller, and if you pick one with funky shoulders or lapel detailing it will certainly not look frumpy. Also, how about tailored shorts? Worn with tights they can look just as smart as a skirt or trousers.

Finally, I realise heels are not the most comfortable for running around an office all day, but even just a two-inch heel will add some length to your legs and be comfy. Nude heels look smart and the colour casts the illusion of a longer leg.

Hope this helps!

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