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RE: "He's not Worthy!"

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Subject: RE: "He's not Worthy!"
Jameela, you really touched on a subject that has been close to my heart for a couple of weeks now about best friends and boyfriends. I wholeheartedly agreed with your column in the july issue of Company.

Basically what happenned to me and my now ex friend is that her other half messaged me on facebook asking about my birthday do to which they weren't invited. I told him it was none of his buisness and left it at that. She texted me the day after saying I was being spiteful and bitchy and apprently two faced as I told her the truth, or I felt I owed her the truth in the fact that I only put up with him so I could see her because he NEVER leaves her alone. He's a scrounger living off her wages and they live together and are apparently engaged. Me and her are now not friends anymore, which saddens me that she threw away 6 years worth of friendship for a bloke who doesn't even treat her well and isn't that attractive.

I wanted to be kind and tell her how I felt, and I did it in an angry way hence why now we are not speaking. I am not looking forward to a party this weekend where her and her other half might be there. I just have to try to be the strong rational adult, after all she did over react to something that had nothing to do with her in the first place.

Any company readers feel my pain? Share your stories
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