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Diary of a Fashion Insider: Fashion Month Hangover

" Phew – what a month.

Living fashion month is like an all night party; there are the highs of your favourite songs and catching up with old friends and the steep lows of bumping into THAT guy, your feet killing and endlessly pushing through the tiredness in the fruitless search of your second wind. As with any all-nighter, it ends rather sharply with being turfed out into the bright daylight to exist amongst the 'strange' normal people doing normal things.

Throughout the collections you get so caught up in events, front rows, what you're going to wear and where you'll get your next caffeine fix, everything starts looking like a seating plan and you’re officially living in a world where it’s perfectly acceptable to have nothing but champagne in your fridge.

On the final leg of the shows, the fashion army are piled into Paris - a beautiful vista but a city that hasn't figured out that people actually need to get from A to Z. Take it from me, stranded and frustrated Fashionistas can be a little tricky...

No cabs later and post battling through the rain-soaked city and traumatic bridge umbrella-crosswind-gate, I spent my first night in a little French resto eating proper French food and supping true French grape with my favourite Parisians. In one hot Paris second I found myself in a whirl of music and Whiskey Sours in one of the best bars in town – Castel. There are few places in Paris that are unpretentious while making you feel a million EURO and this is it – a highly recommended bar if you find yourself there. Typically a couple hours of shuteye were had, a stiff coffee was consumed, heels groaned on and so started another day...

The reason 'The Devil Wears Prada' and 'Sex and the City' were filmed in Paris is because it is truly the most fashionable city in the world. Home to the biggest fashion houses including YSL, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, the beautifully romantic architecture of the city plays the perfect canvas for the art of the collections to leap out from. Some collections impressed (McQueen) and others didn’t (McCartney) but watching the birth of these SS13 collections - that will dictate the global trends in 6 months – gets you a little fashion-drunk. Well, if it's good enough for J Lo, Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart...

Another Parisian late night and yet another day swimming in overtired delirium and I was suddenly back at my front door in London. Whilst I was a relieved to be home and in one piece(ish), it felt a little anti climactic to say the least. It was over. As I walked into my quiet flat the doorbell woke me from my travelling haze - it was the Power Gays welcoming me home with bubbly and open arms. What the hell, another night of socialising surely can't hurt...

A few days back to normality and I wasn't rested, I was bored, so I booked an impromptu holiday to liven things up. You see, when thrown back to reality it takes a while to remember how to do I’m putting it off – if for no other reason than to avoid filling up the dam fridge..."

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