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Diary of a Fashion Insider: I Heart Fashion Week

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" For me, there were a heap of surprises at New York fashion week. Strangely the emerging trend for AW12 – as seen at many designers' shows - seemed to be ill-fitting clothes. New York is known for it's tailoring so the badly fit pieces came as a shock. The colours at Thakoon looked like a bad hangover and the fit…well, you get the idea. Even Marc Jacobs was up to no good. Splitting his time with Louis Vuitton it was clear that LV is getting a little more of his time. He did find a minute however to furnish most of the looks with oversized hats, which in fairness made the show.

Some did better; Victoria Beckham sent some beautifully tailored pieces down the runway with an edgy street-style boot – I totally want every single thing. David came to support his wife and chatted breezily with Anna Wintour while rather sweetly taking some 'family album' snaps of the beautiful backdrop - NY public Library (yes, where Carrie almost married Mr Big). Proenza Schouler stole the entire week though, relentlessly presenting powerful look after powerful look – this almost never happens.

Amid the circus of the surprises at fashion week came the often-dreaded Valentines Day. Relationship or not, I’m not keen on the heart-drowned cheese-fest that is Valentines but rather perfectly I spent a lovely evening with a very precious girlfriend and a bottle of red. On route home later that night a mysterious Adonis sidled up next to me complimenting me on my fave ALDO X Christian Cota boots. Both in fashion and surrounded by the breed of people you only ever find on the subway late at night - we got chatting. I've heard stories of people meeting on the tube but I have never really understood how. Cute, straight and complimentary of your footwear – that’s how. As the train approached my stop, ‘Adonis’ said he would love to take me out for Valentine’s, took my arm, walked me into a bar, gave the barman his card and told him to 'serve this beautiful lady anything she wants'. So there I was, champagne cocktail in hand (well, wouldn't you?) sitting opposite, a very charming Adonis that I just met on the subway, celebrating Valentines – what just happened? The evening was lovely I was truly spoilt. As sunrise broke up the party, he hailed me a cab and I smiled all the way home. Just like the seasonal collections, some fit and others don't, some surprise and others don’t but it’s safe to say my unexpected Valentine fit me perfectly - well, they do say anything can happen during fashion week…

As London Fashion Week approached, it was time to pack my ridiculously heavy bag and fly back across the pond. What lurks around the corner in London is yet to be seen but one thing the past week has shown me is that quite clearly anything really can happen – let’s just hope it fits…"

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