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How to Get Street Style Snapped at LFW!


If you want to be snapped and papped by all the fash-photogs down at Somerset House this LFW- read on...

OK ladies, its heels at dawn - time to prepare for LONDON FASHION WEEK. To optimise your multiple photographing probability follow these simple steps...

- Make an Entrance When you arrive, strut in with confidence- make the photogs think you’re a fash-editor, sunglasses a must, rain or shine.

- Dress to Impress OK so more is more, headband, earrings, statement necklace, printed trousers, get it all on! But make sure you feel comfortable, like Coco Chanel said- take one thing off before you leave the house, so pile it on, then reign it back...a tad.

- The Essentials Forget the got-your-entire-life-in bag, it’s all about the clutch- use it as a counterweight to balance whilst sashaying across the courtyard in your TDF (to die for) mega heels.

- Slow Down No one wants to be photographed on the floor, maybe even try walking in a slight slow motion, giving the paps a seamless walking shot- super natural and V flattering.

- Pose School! Take your hand off that hip! Use your accessories to your advantage (hello clutch!), also your limbs are your friend, you don’t always have to have them regimented down at your side, move them around but practise in the mirror, you don’t want limbs-a-flailing!

- Street Style Mega Tip- for standing still shots, cross your legs, it will elongate and compliment!

- Tweet out! Phone’s at the ready people, if you’re not tweeting your heart out, you are yesterday’s news, don’t forget your hashtag!Follow Company on Twitter  to keep up to date on all the latest fash week gossip.

- Frettiquette So you’re on the front row, first check you are supposed to be there, after the all clear- work it! This is another opportunity to get flashed (not the weird naked kind though) you never know you could be sat behind a meg-celeb (like our web assistant Gem and Kanye West)

CAUTION - Wearing a heel height of above 4" for long periods of time whilst standing in queues and getting photographed continually can cause severe discomfort.

So get your best cab-to-curb heels on and trot on down to Somerset House, and remember cobbles are the enemy!


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