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Diary of a Fashion Insider: Fashion's High / Low

" In fashion there's a saying 'High / Low'. It refers to the cocktail of brands – and their prices – that we choose to suit our mood day to day. For instance today I wore coated denim J Brands with Converse, Cos and H&M, yesterday I wore Wrangler jeans with a Balenciaga sweater and Versace sunglasses...the day before...well, you get the idea. Many refer to 'peaks and troughs' but in the spirit of fashion, let's call this week high/low.

The week kicked off in someone else's shoes - otherwise known as bowling. It was so much fun to be utterly myself in totally unpretentious surroundings. The clear high / low moment came though; the hilariously disgusting yet undeniably comfortable ugly flat stripy shoes vs watching my beautiful YSL buckled boots being whisked off and shoved aggressively into a numbered hole in the wall – ouch. Notably, the evening's high came to a hard stop when I learnt that my long-term ex is seeing a shiny new girl whilst almost simultaneously being booty-called by drunk loser I'd met the week before. Ah, the ultimate low point had been reached and the night was called a night.

A few days later I was taken to Paris with Converse along with 60 of Europe's finest journos. The romantic city of lovers (hurl) was nudged in the ribs by a big white tour bus travelling through the streets emblazoned with the Converse tagline 'Shoes are Boring Wear Sneakers'. We were presented with the new SS13 collection, dined in Derriere (owned by Morad Mazouz who owns London’s Sketch and Momo) and stayed in Philippe Starck’s fancy Mama Shelter hotel...along with a visit to my fave Parisian bar Castel – obvs. It was yet another example of the juxtaposition of the chic vs the accessible.

The following day, my niece, Little Miss M dropped in for the weekend. I took her on her inaugural visit to Harrods and Harvey Nicks to swim through the halls of tourists and extortionate prices and rounded off Knightsbridge with a quick dip into the Ballgowns exhibition at the V+A. If there had been any actual residents on the streets we could have passed for them, but let's get real, Little Miss M wanted to shop and Knightsbridge was no place for our wallets so we left the land of high prices and headed to Oxford Street and high street Mecca Forever 21 to splurge on their incredible offering of fast fashion.

As fashion's rollercoaster continued it was onto the Company Fashion Awards in Shoreditch, celebrating the very best of our beloved high street. The gorgeous Company fashion team and their leader Victoria White looked incredible and exuded beauty and fashion effortlessly whilst celebrating deserved winners including Asos, New Look, Selfridges and Westfield – the perfect culmination of my high/low week.

At the end of the day, the highs are wonderful but this week has taught me that embracing the lows is the key. Yes, the lows can make you feel blue but on the upside, they come in other colours and finding that perfect colour is always an undeniable high right...?"

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