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Diary of a Fashion Insider: One Foot in Cannes

" This week as the UK's weather finally decided to present the summer, the A-Listers moved to Cannes for the 65th Annual Film Festival. Whilst the festival maybe old, it always manages to stay youthful and continues to unearth new, independent movies and new talent like no other. Maybe it's the fact that it's European but it never seems to mindlessly back the big U.S studio films that will rake in the dough but will be utterly forgettable. Cannes is super chic – the setting is beyond beautiful and a little more cultured than the US red carpet events with the golden arches in the background – all this gives the old timer a good dose of credibility.

And then there's the guestlist. Cannes is the place to see and be seen and the crowd didn't disappoint. Many predictable faces turned up; poor old style-challenged Jessica Chastain was at everything as was Diane Kruger who kicked off her Cannes style marathon in laced-up Versus looking gorgeous. There were some less predictable faces there, like Cheryl Cole and Kelly Brook – erm – what the hell were they doing there?

To me, the chicest lady at the party was 74-year-old Jane Fonda – what a woman. She wore Stella McCartney and Atelier Versace and did the dresses as much, if not more justice than any sprightly up-comer could. Another actor that got the photographer's fingers pumping was one of my all time favourites - Bill Murray. Ever-so slightly less chic but definitely dressing to compliment his personality, Bill wore checked everything. None of the checks matched but he stuck out amongst the sea of monkey suits and reminded us that actors so rarely celebrate their eccentricities – I wonder if that's an age thing?

All this age contemplation was down to my birthday appearing and slapping me in the face this week. I squared up to it though and challenged it to three nights on the trot with friends and I'm glad I did. My first night was spent in the company of some of fashion's finest over late night carbs. One huge misconception about fashion is that it's full of pretense, malnutrition and bad tempers but while there are many of those, the balance thankfully is firmly outweighed by normality. I ducked out of work and hot-footed it to the west end where I met some friends; a top Italian stylist, an upcoming French designer and one of Britain's biggest fashion designers of the moment, Mary Katrantzou. It was just so London; eclectic, cosmopolitan, late and full of laughs – wonderful. Day two (the big day) I was invited to British designer Osman’s studio for a dress-up session, invited to a champagne lunch on a roof top, followed by being drowned in some of my closest friends at Soho House's newest venue – Little House. Whilst the rich and famous sipped their cocktails there that night, I wouldn't have traded places with them for anything.

Whether we're walking the red carpet in Cannes or travelling our personal runways to the office, our friends are able to tailor us our perfect outfit that compliment our personalities, hold us in when we need it and look just fabulous - however old we are..."

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