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Diary of a Fashion Insider: GB Represents...

" Wow, what an insane couple of weeks in London. It doesn't matter if you were working in an office, in a bar, on a track or at home with your kids – there was no escaping the vibrations and buzz of a city on a high.

London is a wonderful and exciting place to live on the whole. Sometimes its relentless energy can be wearing but as the tourists moved in and the world grabbed their microscopes and placed us under it, it was high time we showed them what we could do and how good we could do it – damn it, we’re more than just a city that rains a lot.

Taking advantage of the extra weight of people and unwilling to miss the chance to perform under said microscope, many companies offered new and old city dwellers the chance to get involved in a host of activities; none more fun and credible than 'Converse Represent'.

For over a year Converse have partnered with the legendary 100 Club on Oxford Street, this old, tiny and decrepit underground venue has staged all the greats and even whilst the sneaker giant saved it from the brink, they haven’t gagged the wall’s whispers with a few coats of suffocating Dulux white wash – the walls speak as freely as the artists who play in inside them.

The past two weeks have seen the best of established and upcoming talents in hip-hop, reggae, pop, rock and punk with headliners including SBTRKT, Blur, Nas and Toots and the Matals. I was lucky enough to head on down to a few of the nights where the whispering walls burst at the seams with an intimate crowd of 350. Each night was dripping with sweat from the vibrating crowd of fans lucky enough to win their chance to party with Converse and let me tell you, they put on one hell of an event. Whilst any brand can throw a celebrity name at the bill, few could do it with such an authentic, underground and downright cool wink.

Converse Represented and welcomed all different genres to their stage and did so without pigeonholing or presuming what type of people do / should wear their sneakers. Just like the people of our Great Britain, we’ll support our own but we’re not exclusive. The support for other nations has been palpable and we should be as proud of that as we are of our athletes and our 63 medals.

Just like that, it was time for the Closing Ceremony. I was invited to a send-off party overlooking the stadium. Just like the Opening Ceremony, we did our nation proud and represented all our best bits – except the low-point Spice Girls cringe-a-thon obvs - we were even treated to a 3 minute fashion show by our best of British models and designers.

As the aftershock tremors hit the city, we're left feeling sad the party’s over, but thankfully, we’ll always have our sneakers to bring back the memories..."

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