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Company Music: The Weekly Wake Up!


Welcome to’s first Weekly Wake Up, and what better way to begin this new feature than with Oh My!’s latest party-popper ‘Bad Date’.

For those of you who are new to the duo, Oh My! are quiff-headed, Milton Keynes born Jade, 20 and, erm, normal-headed Alex, a 19 year old Leicester native. Intent on making us feel a little less dependant on Berocca and nasal spray in these long, hard, dark, broke, sober, bleak, freezing, January weeks,

Oh My!, who’ve been working with Example in the studio, do bubblegum pop with a hint of chavvy sass and just the right dose of finger snapping silliness. Think Jedward with bosoms. Think Bananarama with iPads. Think Daphne & Celeste with actual souls.

A song dedicated to skin-flint dates who drive their nan’s cars and can’t comprehend the notion of “occasionally paying for things”, ‘Bad Date’ kicks off with a mischievous School-yard chant before erupting with so much woozily escalating electronics it’s just 1 fat-gutted bloke shouting ‘Scream if you wanna go faster!’ short of a Waltzer ride.

For those of you still feeling a little tender from New Year’s Eve’s indulgences then approach with caution, otherwise, enjoy!


By Harriet Gibsone

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