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BINTM: Eviction Interview with Anna


Team Company caught up with one of the latest BINTM evictees, Anna, 21, from Dudley...


Before BINTM… I had only done amateur modelling work around my local area but nothing major.

Diona was one of my BINTM BFF’s! I also really got on with Emma S and Millie - us three got nicknamed the dirty blondes! We all really clicked and we’ve even said we'll go to eachother's weddings - that's how close we are!

I've kept in touch mostly with Emma S. We talk every day I'll talk Diona and Millie at least twice a week.

I didn't really gel with Maddie…
 She has a very different personality to me. She's quite upfront which tended to create conflict. I got on with her and she's a nice girl, but she's probably the one I gelled with the least.

Most of the judges were really nice!
Elle took the time out to come and speak to me when we were flying back from Dubai which was really lovely and Tyson would come and speak to us a lot, but I didn't really speak to Julien or Whitney a lot - they kept themselves to themselves!

The Arabian themed shoot was my fave
! It involved a lot more hair and make up than the swimwear shoot and the costumes were really different. With the swimwear shoot, it looked like we were on holiday rather than models in the making! You didn't get to have scarves weaved through your hair and wear big necklaces and headdresses, so that was a bit more different and was definitely my favourite shoot!

The swimwear shoot was a bit scary!
Especially because we're all girls, so were like "Ooh, look at her body!” about everyone - but the fact I got told by Whitney I had one of the best figures was quite a compliment!

I feel like I’ve gained 19 sisters!
It sounds really sad, but my highlight of taking part in the show was meeting all of the other contestants. I still see them and speak to them all, even the girls who walked out on the show - we're a really close-knit group.

I learnt to just be myself!
I'm a bit wild and am quite open about it but I found a lot of girls shied away from being themselves - you can see on the show that the judges pick on the girls that aren't showing their personality. Emma G is a lovely bubbly girl but when she spoke with the judges, they told her she was very quiet, so after that talk her personality came out a lot more.

I learnt one main beauty tip on the show…
The importance of well-groomed eyebrows! It was something I’d never picked up on, but I think all of the girls have started to pay a lot more attention to their eyebrows since starting the show as they really frame your face. Diona taught me a lot about eyebrows!

I didn't really agree with what Whitney said about me.
I don't think she should’ve gotten rid of me because of my personality. She wasn't a big fan of my Arabian shoot, but I think I did better than a lot of the girls in that shoot. I just think I was unfortunately in a very strong group - Madeleine and Letitia looked absolutely stunning so obviously I was the weaker one in the group, but compared to a lot of the other pictures, I think I took a better photo.

Lisa’s my favourite to win!
She’s the first girl I saw and was just like "Wow - how are you not a professional paid model?!" I also like Anita, I think she's very much the dark horse of the competition. The judges aren't raving about her now, but she's the type of girl that will take advice and turn it around and try to prove them wrong!

You haven’t seen the last of me… I'm thinking about doing some modelling and maybe traveling but I'm also thinking about coming back to the show next year. Like I said at the end of the show, whenever something knocks me down, I always get back up again. So hopefully next year I can come back bigger and stronger!


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Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model is on Mondays at 9pm on Sky Living.

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