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BINTM: Eviction Interview with Emily


I wanted to win

At first I went in and thought I’m going to win this but the more you go on in the competition, the more you appreciate just getting through week by week! I didn’t want to go but I had an idea that I was leaving, I just sensed it. I’m still excited about modelling though and plan to continue!

I model my style around Agyness Deyn

But because of my height [5’8] I look up to Kate Moss. When I got picked it was great to know the judges believed I still had potential even though I was shorter than the other girls.

My hair is now shaved and dark pink.

Being a hairdresser at Toni &Guy I found the makeover week hard. Having my own opinions on my hair I knew what kind of things that I had in mind for it, so it’s hard to just sit back, when you have your own opinions on something. After leaving the show I shaved my hair off, and now it’s a dark pink colour.

The naked shoot was scary

I really didn’t want to do that. I think if that had been the first shoot I would have had a really different attitude, but it was after I had been in the house for so long and grown more conscious of my body. Being around the other girls I felt myself comparing myself to them. Being shorter and slightly bigger -it made me quite paranoid, I lost a lot of confidence.

I learnt a lot in the house

The judges give you really good advice. I learned so much- especially the lightening workshop that was so helpful. Being shorter I learned about how to stand, and my arms looked better angled away from the camera.

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Tyson is good to have a laugh with

He wasn’t as serious as the other judges and you need that kind of thing, he would always lighten the mood on the shoots. Elle has great professional experience and advice, while Dannii is comforting, like a mum figure.

I loved the underwater shoot

It was an adrenaline rush…I’ve done an underwater shoot in the past, so I felt confident, as it wasn’t my first time. A good tip I learnt was to rub milk on my eye and it stops it stinging under water.

I didn’t feel feminine in the house

Being an Army cadet, when I am in uniform no one cares what I look like at all- it doesn’t matter. Whereas being in the house and on the show I was more conscious of what I looked like because that’s what I was judged on.

But my training came in handy. I aced the physically challenging shoots!

When it came to those shoots I definitely think I excelled more. The Louis Smith shoot on the horse and the underwater shoot were great- when it comes to the rough and tumble kind of the thing; I’m good at that!

Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model is on Thursdays at 9pm on Sky Living.


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