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BINTM: Winner Interview with Lauren Lambert


After weeks of battling it out for the coveted prize on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, Lauren was crowned the winner at last night’s amazing final. Still getting over the shock of the announcement of her victorious win, Lauren grabbed time with us to talk about having her dreams come true! 

On stage at the final I was peeing my pants

I didn’t know which way it would go. Sitting backstage we were all in separate chairs not speaking; it was so quiet, thinking our destiny laid in the judges hands. Then we got out on stage with the judges there, thinking you might have crushed my dreams or made them come true!

Getting to final was unbelievable but to win is mind blowing

At the final I was melting inside –as I had imagined a career as a model for ages. I didn't know it was me until I saw my swimsuit in the picture. I just started crying, it hit me but I was in shock… I had snot running down my face I was crying so much with happiness! The first thing I did was give the girls a hug, I know they were sad, and I thought I would have loved a hug if that was me.

Winning has changed my life drastically.

I’ve strived for this life, and finally got it! I thought that being 23 I might be past my expiry date, so this has been so wonderful. Going forward I would love to do everything, from runway catwalks: Paris, London fashion week and having a career like Jourdan Dunn or Tyra Banks!

My cover shoot with Company Magazine

It was one of the best shoots I’ve done, I loved the make up and outfit changes. The team was so lovely and friendly, it was really nice, I can’t wait to see the finished result.

Wise words from my nan kept me motivated on this journey

She always said winners never quit and go for it.  Follow your dreams and be positive. I’ve always taken that with me and implemented that into my life. With everything I’ve been through in my personal life I’ve needed to keep a positive mind-set.

I think my positive energy helped me in the competition.

My energy got me a long way in competition –when you are positive on set people want to work with you, it makes people around you feel comfortable and you have a better chemistry, so being positive in this environment is a good thing. People thought I was over confident and I’m really not. I’m so shy really but when it comes to modelling I become that confident person because I love it so much.

The underwater shoot was a blast!

I loved the underwater shoot. I love water, I grew swimming so I saw the challenge as a lot of fun! I was excited to see how the pictures came out and I loved Tyson’s feedback. He was always on hand to offer advice from:  give more energy, to waken up your eyes, and elongate your body to look more elegant.

I am still getting used to being in the spotlight.

The show was a roller coaster of emotions, being away from family was tough but it’s been worth it. On the show I was under pressure to perform but now as the winner I am under more pressure to really produce and be professional. It's a challenge but a good challenge and makes me a better model. It’s going to get hectic with castings day in day out and constant shoots, I can't wait! It’s a blessing to live this dream!




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