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Gem's Gems: Pah Humbug!

This week I want to say ‘Pah!’ in the face of rules. I’m sick of them - who the *Christmas tree (*BTW, have decided to replace swear words with a festive object, as not to offend, especially after some rules being broken by a newsreader on the radio this week!) came up with some of them anyway? Rules, schmules.

Of course, I’m not telling you to go and smoke crack or rob someone or anything like that. At the end of the day, who in their right mind still thinks that Pete Doherty’s crackish haze is admirable? Who daydreams about living in prison? No-one with common sense, and anyway I’m not talking “mo-rals”. But ‘Pah!’ to those ‘everyday’ rules. Take ‘style rules’ for an example.. Whenever I’m asked for mine, I cringe at the idea of dictatorship. “Just add a waist clinching belt” how many times can this be regurgitated out the mouth of telly’s most loved fashion experts?

Hypocritically, I myself have the title of the ‘Fashion Expert’ on Radio 1. In the past I’ve convinced an unknown Florence Welch to don a pair of sparkly pants for a photo shoot and I’ve been attending fashion week since my years of a being a blagger in the early noughties – so I do like to keep abreast of what one might to wear on them, so to speak. If I’m honest it’s both flattering and fun to bring trends to the table, but when speaking about fashion I’m always keen for debate. Choice, variety and options combined are the real root of individual style. Why not mix colours, prints, brands and wear a summer dress with thick tights in the winter? We are clothes hoarders of 2010 - of course we can wear a cropped 80’s t-shirt with a 50’s prom skirt and 70’s style mahoosive brimmed felt hat! So that ridiculous old saying, ‘red & green should never be seen’ that’s a load of *baubles during the Christmas season isn’t it, so ‘Pah!’.

Or rules of being cool; those unspoken cool rules, of who you’re supposed to be seen with and who you're not. The rules that say you have to conform to what everyone is doing, thinking, saying, listening to or wearing around you. ‘Pah!’.

Gem Xx

P.S Would love to hear from your thoughts on anything I write, there is a comments section below, so fire away!
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