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Quiz: Which Ibiza girl are you?

Heading to the white isle this summer? Are you a Boho Babe, a Yoga Bunny, a Sun Worshipper or the Ultimate Party Girl? Take our quiz to find out which type of Ibiza girl you are...

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1. Your Ibiza trip is booked and you're packing your suitcase - but what makes up your holiday wardrobe?
Maxi skirts, tons of jewellery and bangles, a huge '70s style sun-hat and embellished sandals
Loose cotton tops, your yoga mat, a sporty bikini and your meditation candle
15 bikinis (even though you're only going for a week), three bottles of sunscreen, your fave aviator sunnies and a print kaftan
Sparkly cut out swimsuit, your highest glam platform heels, a bodycon party dress and your full make-up kit, including false eyelashes and diamante face jewellery
2. You've arrived at the airport and you're heading to your accommodation - but where are you staying?
A hilltop villa which once belonged to a seventies rock star
A quiet retreat where you're not allowed to talk, with no other buildings around for miles
The hotel where the pool has unlimited sunloungers, and your room is mere steps from the beach
A buzzing apartment in the heart of San Antonio with a club in the basement that never closes
3. While you're on holiday, what might a typical day for you in Ibiza entail?
A leisurely lunch with friends, a wander around the markets looking for jewellery and headscarves, ending the night partying in your neighbours villa with an acoustic guitar session
Rising at dawn to meditate, a three hour trek, a blissful yoga session then bed at sunset with a self-help book
Getting up early so you can bag the best sunlounger, tanning your front for three hours, turning over, tanning your back for three hours, a quick dip in the pool and then maybe out for some cocktails in the evening
Staggering from the club to your hotel at 8am, passing out in bed til 3pm, a couple of hours sunbathing round the pool before starting to glam up, ready to hit the town again that night
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