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We Heart Tuesdays: A mate - or a date?

We're always being advised to build a foundation of friendship with someone before leaping into the sack; but will looking from within your existing circle of friends spell romance or disaster?

Rupert Grint recently told Attitude magazine that kissing co-star Emma Watson was unnatural – and here in Company Towers the verdict is still out on hooking up with mates.

Having made the transition from mate to missus over a year ago, I am a firm believer that even best buds can become a fantastic couple; but I would advise caution. My partner and I were so close that our friends weren't in the least surprised when we finally got together; but it was still a big decision and I'm aware that if we ever do split it will hit me that much harder because I'll be losing my best friend as well. Break ups are painful enough at the best of times, but if you also end up isolating yourself from all your friends is it really worth it?

Talking break-ups, what of the often dreaded, skeletons of exes past? While one of our staffers reckons newly uncovering them is part of the fun, although I’m not sure how widely that opinion is held. On the other hand, a pre-coitus friendship discards the need for that talk, but means any disastrous break-ups or embarrassing relationships either of you had will be out in the open. Sounds extreme, but if you can handle that much honesty and still want to be together regardless, you’ll become a force to be reckoned with.

In the opposing corner, one of the staffers at Company HQ says for her the most exciting part of a relationship is the spark of first getting to know each other. To her, dating a former friend wouldn’t offer any passion – although she admits that knowing each other first might lead to more successful relationships.

Taking a lead from the classic TV series Friends – Chandler and Monica's relationship worked out, but Joey and Rachel didn't – and this is put down to Chanica not being very close friends to start with. But contrary to that, the closer you are the more you’ll be able to laugh off any failed romances – a little banter and you’ll be back on track, whereas someone less close might be lost – but it’s a big risk to take if it doesn't pay off.

Enough about us - what do you think? Have you been there, done that, and got the boy-friend fit tee to prove it? We'd love to hear about it! Do you think dates with mates ever work? Do you really want to hook up with a mate but are torn between whether getting it on will ruin a friendship or build something better? Share your thoughts and stories by commenting below. Happy Tuesdays! xx

By Kimberley de Selincourt
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