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We Heart Tuesdays: Is a single Summer more fun?

It's that time again. The sun has come out (albeit for only a week) and instantly fiercely attractive people seem to be everywhere; as if they've simultaneously awoken from hibernation. Impossibly dishevelled male model types fill the streets and parks, and lead us to the one question all boyfriends fear; why on earth am I in a relationship over the summer??

Just like the age old question put to blondes; do single girls really have more fun? Here at Company we're all about the freedom years, and nothing screams freedom more than a summer hanging out with your girlfriends, going to festivals and having fun in the sun - but can you really do that coupled up?

Cynically speaking, the ideal relationship cycle would be to find someone mid November, get swept along in lust and fairy light magic, and cosy up together over Christmas watching crap films, drinking rum like pirates, and scoring lots of lovely presents from the chap. After the Christmassy glow has worn off, you decide that you still get on well enough really, and stay together, at least so you have a date for Valentines.

You then inevitably break up. Depressing as that sounds, an early March break up leaves you free to see friends that you neglected over the hibernated, coupled up months, have a career push, and still leaves enough time to lose weight before the season of bikinis and hot beach boys.

While I'm not suggesting everyone should split up for a three month period of debauchery and come back when the rain starts again, I definitely think we should make the most of our summers. Neglecting friends when you're in a couple is so easy to do, and the summer is an ideal time to regroup.

I think what the summer has no time for, is bad relationships. Everyone knows someone who does it; the people who stay in relationships too long, uncertain of what to do but ranting to you about it several times a day. I once went abroad for a whole summer knowing full well that I should have broken it off before leaving, but couldn’t bring myself to take the plunge. Take it from me, it doesn’t make for a good summer.

So, blondes or brunettes? Single or coupled? I can’t say 100% on either, but I do know that when my last relationship ended I simultaneously died my hair blonde, and I certainly had a lot of fun then!

But what do you think? Are you in a relationship, or thinking of ending it because staying together over the summer will be too tough? Or do you think it's possible to get through a whole festival season with a partner? Let us know by commenting below, and whatever you do, have a great summer.

Happy Tuesdays!xx

By Kimberley de Selincourt
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