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We Heart Tuesdays: Is there really 'the one'?

With the recently discovered news that perpetual Hollywood single gal Jennifer Aniston is set to marry her new beau Justin Theroux has Jen finally found her one? Cameron Diaz, another infamous Hollywood bachelorette, recently said she'd be happier having lots of short happy relationships saying; "Who would want to be with the same person for 80 years?"

We agree the idea of just having one person in the entire world you connect with forever and ever sounds kind of daunting. And proven unrealistic too - according to Office for National Statistics eleven years is the average marriage length. One company staffer says she knows there’s no such thing as the one as both Jake Gyllenhaal and Tinie Tempah are her 'ones'– not to mention her actual boyfriend...

That’s not to say we’re anti 'the one'. If you find the right man and want to stay with him forever, there’s nothing wrong with that? Company's"Editor Victoria says "If you’re happy and in love then make that work". Our features writer agrees adding “You needn't be against the idea of 'a one' just for the sake of it. My great aunt and uncle now in their 90s, are still going strong after meeting in their teenage years and still pinch each other’s bums – it's super romantic."

Ultimately believing there’s just one person forever can put a whole heap of pressure on us singletons to find him and never let him go so relax and enjoy him (or the hunt for him) and if it lasts forever, well enjoy that too.

Do you believe in 'the one and only'? Have you found him or are you still looking? Let us know...

By Yasmin Coutain-Springer
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